A poetry meet was held in Dwarka.

P.B. Mishra 

A ‘kavya goshthee’ (meet of poets) was organized in Sector 14, Dwarka, New Delhi by Shri. Prem Bihari Mishra, a poet resident of Dwarka and Dr. Prasannanshu, a poet, writer and Associate Professor (English) of National Law University Delhi. A mix of the poets of national and international fame as well as the local poets attended the meet.

The poets who shared their literary creations included Dr. Kirti Kale, Dr Chandramani Brahmdutt, Dr. Pushpa Visen, Satdev Haryanvi, Virendra Kumar Mansotra, T.S. Mata, Ashok Sharma and Dhruv Kumar Gupta, apart from Shri Mishra and Dr. Prasannanshu. Senior litterateur, Ashok Verma chaired the session. Dr. Prasannanshu read one of his English poems while other poets recited their poems in Hindi. It was decided that such meets shall be held every month on the second Sunday.

It was further decided that these monthly meetings be made more frequent in future and fortnightly events be organized. It was also decided after mutual deliberation that a collection of the poems of the participating poets be published periodically. English, Hindi and Indian language Poets in Delhi NCR were also called upon to support this initiative.

Explaining the concept, Shri Mishra said that “We convened six ‘kavi sammelan’ (Poetry Meets for Public) in one year span during the years 2012 & 2013 in Dwarka and participated in few others where we found that not only a substantial number of people turned up to listen the poetry but quite a few local poets requested for a chance to recite their poems.” Shri Mishra expressed his overwhelming pleasure stating that “The most amazing part of our all the six poetry meets was that even the poets of national and international repute participated without any payment, not even conveyance.” “Looking at the longing, an idea emerged to create a forum of the poets of all categories to share their poetic expression for mutual enrichment and, more importantly, to support and provide a platform to unnoticed local poets who have good literary taste, caliber and potential”, he further said.