Inner Disharmony Leads to Outer Disharmony !!!


If you have always felt neglected by others ,or that life never seems to run smoothly for you,then the chances are that, in Huna Mystic ,the Path —or –the Aka chord —to your higher Self has been ,and probably still is blocked . Blocked by inferiority ,guilt and other complexes buried deep within the recesses of the Lowe Self …your subconscious mind. Many people are not even aware ,or do not wish to be aware ,that such negative emotions can exist within them.Many people,deep down actually prefer to be lonely,neglected and mistreated.In childhood they were deprived of love and security and so they fed instead on negative,hostile emotions which their subconscious or Lower Self mind accepted uncritically.The Lower Self will accept any emotion fed into it . Lower Self is totally uncritical and has no powers of reasoning and deduction.

Years of such negative conditions of Lower Self to reject love and happiness ,because it only understand hatred,insecurity ,loneliness and rejections. this is the one reason why one may feel one’s self feeling uncomfortable when things are going well. the discomfort emanates from your irrational ,emotive Lower Self which will not accept the voice of reason of the Middle Self.

The Middle Self represents reason and Lower Self emotion.When reason and emotion are in conflict nine times out of ten emotions wins.And predictably ,because of the discomfort felt at receiving happiness ,the happiness goes away to leave one lonely and miserable again. The inner blockage has repelled the happiness.where there is inner conflict and lack of harmony between the three selves all chances of happiness and fulfillment are nullified. Where there is no happiness within there can be no happiness, or chance of getting it, from outside.

So in order to usher happiness and fulfillment into your life, and all the things that make living worthwhile,you have got to achieve harmony within your self. there is no use in offering Prana to your Higher Self when the path to it is blocked by so much negativity .You will get nothing back from your Higher Self no matter how hard you try.