Poor construction quality of DDA in Sector-12, Pocket-7, Dwarka

Virender Singh

Please find attached the photographs showing /saying everything about the construction quality of DDA.

We are residing at sector 12 pocket 7 Dwarka. New Delhi 76. like to have your attention for the construction quality of our residence which was constructed by DDA about six years back.

We all are living under fear that any time any kind of mishap will happen. its a huge amount of risk even to check the water in our water tanks. as you can see in the attached photograph

Today morning I was going to check water LVL. In my water storage tank. suddenly four pieces of rain water pipe has fall down and two water storage tanks has been broken. As you can see in the picture also.

DDA has been getting cleaned rain water drain around our pocket But you can see in the picture Mud has been parked there only which will be again going into the drain.

All cleaning will be meaning less if the mud will not parked some where away from the drain.

1.All the sunshade have many cracks any time will fall down..

2.Grit finish panel on all exterior walls has been falling any time.