Water is the very essence of life.  This life given resource is fast depleting. In order to emphasis the importance of water and to preserve it,  the students of class VI of The Indian Heights School, Dwarka were involved in an ISA Project –  ‘WATER HARVESTING-LIFE LINE TO LIFE’.

The main aim of this project was to study various means of harvesting that we used at local, national and international levels using local resources and adaptations. The students were able to understand the various means of water harvesting techniques at the local level in the chosen countries ( China, New Zealand, Brazil and India).They were able to analyse the various adaptations of water storage and conservation of rain water in these countries. This developed  empathy in them, and they were able to critically analyse the situation. This also helped them to appreciate the importance of conserving water which is becoming a limited resource on our planet. Students made charts, models on water conservation.