‘Sach Ka Saamna’ returns on LIFE OK

Prembabu sharma

‘Sach ka Samna’, the show that India loves to watch but only a few dare to be a part of, returns to reward the honest and call the bluff of the less-than-truthful, in its most exciting season to-date.

‘Have you ever had sex with your friend’s girlfriend?’ ‘Do you own property your wife is unaware of?’ ‘Would you leave your husband for a wealthier man?’ are some of the questions participants will face on the show as they take the lie detector to win handsome money in the all or nothing game show.

The cult show, ‘Sach Ka Samna’ allows contestants to face their truths and make a fresh start and this season will visit an even more exciting section of a contestant’s life and the questions will be all the more straight-forward, hard-hitting and candid.

“This is entertainment that pushes you to the edge of the seat,” said Ajit Thakur, general manager of Life OK. “At the same time, it pushes you to think what’s worthwhile in life – that’s the essence of Life OK. Our programs are but vehicles that show people how to cherish what’s precious in their lives which they otherwise fail to take note of.” New season premiers on Life OK on Sunday, 18th March at 11 PM.