ITBP rescues 4000 victims in Uttrakhand

A total of 4000 victims, 2000 yatris from Govindghat-Ghangharia area and 2000 victims from Lambagad area have evacuated safely to Joshimath by ITBP Search and Rescue teams.ITBP carried 20 helicopter sorties and rescued more than 200 personnel from Kedarnath. 600 food packets were distributed by ITBP in Kedarnath area.

Three battalions and personnel of Mountaineering & Skiing institute comprising more than 2000 personnel are carrying out Rescue and Relief Operation for thousands of yatries stranded in Kedarnath, Gaurikund, Govindghat, Pandukeswar, Karnapyag , Badrinath on and Uttarkashi. Whole route of Char Dham Yatra connecting Badrinath- Joshimath- Kedarnath-Yamunotri and Gangotri is badly affected by heavy rain, landslide, food, structural failure etc.
Today Search and Rescue teams of ITBP were airlifted to Kedarnath area which was badly divested. ITBP also airlifted its medical teams comprising many doctors and medics with sufficient stock of emergency medicines. Victims are being brought to safer places like Guptkashi, Rudrapyag and Gauchar. ITBP is paying more emphasis to providing relief to victims having no shelter and support for survival. Tomorrow, more heli sorties will be utilized to send rescue teams, relief material ,food and rescue the victims. ITBP team is also carrying out road clearance operation in Karnapyag area.
Thousands of yatries stranded near Ghaghria and Govind Ghat, en route to Hemkund Sahib, are being rescued by ITBP and local administration. As roads and tracks are totally washed away, Today mountaineering team of ITBP was employed for rescue operation there. They made a temporary support structure of climbing ropes to bring down the victims stranded there. Hundreds of victims rescued are being accommodated in various shelters in ITBP camp of 1st Battalion ITBP in Joshimath. More than 600 victims are being accommodated in ITBP Emergency Relief shelter and Medical Center.

Jawans of ITBP has vacated their barracks and have accommodated has been established at ITBP campus in Joshimath.Road towards Badrinath and Hemkund sahib is blocked and washed away at several places because of landslide due to massive rain in upper reaches of Himalaya. Right from 5AM, ITBP rescue and relief teams are carrying out search and rescue operation. District administration is also providing all assistance to stranded yatries.
In Uttarkashi district, yatris and local population affected by heavy rain, landslide, broken roads, flood and structural collapse are being rescued to safer places. They are being provided food, shelter and medical care by ITBP. Thousands of Yatries are stranded at Kedarnath and Gaurikund. ITBP and district administration is conducting search and rescue operation. ITBP is providing drinking water, food and medical help to all affected yatris. 

Accumulations of debris at some places are several feet high and big boulders and broken structures are also lying in it. Carrying relief work at altitude of more than 10000ft in the cold and difficult climatic conditions of Badrinath is very difficult and dangerous. Undeterred by all these difficulties and challenges, ITBP jawans are doing uninterrupted rescue and relief work since morning.

These teams are well trained for mountain rescue. They are acclimatized and equipped with specialized equipments used for relief and rescue work at high altitude mountainous areas. These teams are trained for such types of relief and rescue work as ITBP does most of the search and rescue work in high Himalayas.