JM International School organized Yogathon

JM International School came up with Yogathon which was undertook by ‘The Art of Living’ members. The purpose was to open the doors of spiritual, physical and mental strength.  JM International School has a yoga day once in a week and Meditation session twice a day for all the students where they keep bettering themselves and have seen changes in them.

With challenging pace of competition in students’ life the need of Yoga routine becomes unavoidable.  It becomes important to develop student’s interest in yoga and for that JM International School faculty and Anjana Madan, Promila Chaudhary, Uma Sharma from ‘The Art of Living’ collaborated for Yogathon where important Asanas as a part of routine exercises were practiced. Through creative movements, meditation and other Asanas, Yogathan had a mission to teach – how to keep life intact in this fast moving world.

A small change in our routine can bring amazing difference in the quality of life and the same was experienced and shared by students.