HAPPY 2021

The virus still rages like a fire in a forest,
It’s still around, like an unwelcome pest.

All over the globe, precious lives have been lost,
We need to win this war, at any cost.

It doesn’t distinguish between poor and the rich,
Those who cross its path – are on a sticky pitch.

Spreading all over, it caught us on the sly,
And spared no one, not even the mighty and the high.

But there’s still no vaccine, no way to prevent it,
So build up your immunity, and keep yourself fit.

Stay away from the sick, but lend a helping hand,
Though at a distance, you always stand.

The virus taught us many things, it taught us to pray,
It taught us to live life, in a simple way.

We learnt to wash our hands, we learnt to wear a mask,
Those violating these rules, must be taken to task.

We need to follow all the rules, and not to make a fuss,
We are again learning, what our parents taught us.

We look back today on the year, Twenty Twenty
And remember the lessons, we learned in plenty.

May the Lord bless us, in the coming new year,
May Twenty Twenty One bring joy and cheer.

May the coming year, be full of joy and fun,
Looking forward to a better Twenty Twenty-one.

Anil Attavar