M.K. Gupta

 The Supreme Court has taken a tough posture against corruption and Court’s proceedings in 2-G spectrum and in appointing Mr. P J Thomas as CVC Commissioner are positive developments. In the past, Shri S.N. Dhingra, Justice, Delhi High Court has pronounced some tough but forthright decisions. It is in the interest of the politicians and bureaucrats to read the writing on the wall.  Bench of Apex Court said, “In every case, he (Thomas) may face embarrassment as there can be an objection that he cannot go into a complaint because there is a case pending against him.  How will he function?
Though, Shri G S Vahanvati, Attorney General on the appointment of Mr. Thomas, has retorted saying that if suchbaseless accusations are taken into account, then every judicial appointment can be questioned. But the accusation of some scam in the Pamolin case or an alleged attempt by Mr Thomas to defend the decision in the allotment of 2-G spectrum are really baseless will be cleared after the final verdict.  At this time, public will construe such terse reaction favouring the accused which may embolden them.