Midfields School”s effort to add value to Teachers

There is a dire need for quality education in our schools today. The repeated school curriculum can turn out to be monotonous and tiring for students as well as teachers. There are very few schools who actually stress on learning through practicality of subjects. This in turn has formed a mind numbing loop to teach subjects only theoretically without stressing much on practicality. This may prove burdensome even for teachers because they also may have gone through the same process or the school’s teaching methodology may be inflexible.

To ignite the quintessence of proper learning, a workshop on ‘ Motivational Skills’ was organized by Midfields Sr. Sec. School, Dabar enclave ,Delhi on 13th September, 2014 for teachers. The resource person was Mrs. Raji Vishwanathan, Director, Ascent Academy, Dwarka. Mrs. Raji has acquired years of critical experience in teaching and Personality Development. She has also trained many teachers, students and Corporate employees in varied spheres to perform better.

The workshop focused on teachers who were given useful pointers to get themselves motivated to help the students to learn better. According to the feedback of the teachers, “It was really an enriching and fruitful session for the entire staff which took keen interest throughout the workshop”. The school Principal Ms. Bindu Narula also emphasised on the importance of motivation in teaching and the need to re-invent the teaching capabilities by the teaching staff. Ms. Bindu Narula is a progressive thinker and appreciated the way the workshop was conducted.

The nation would be able to perform better if we improve the way we learn. There will be a huge increase in the quality and energy of the young generation if we help them learn better and motivate them to achieve success in varied fields.