M.K. Gupta
Dwarka Forum Office bearers Meeting with MCD and DDA Officials on 20 March 2010.

From MCD Najafgarh office: D S Jharde (EE) M1. G K Gupta(AE) 9717787774 Vinod Narayan (JE), Rajendra Singh (SS), Sahib Singh (SS) Meena (ASI).

DDA – Mr. Anil Tyagi, XE (WD-8), Sector 6,7 and 8. and Mr. Neeraj JE(DW-7) and Mr. Pratap Singh (WD-7) responsible for Sector 21, 22 present on behalf of Mr. I J Gupta , XE (WD-7).

Mr. NP Sharma, XE (WD 10), Sector 9, 10, 19

DF team consist: Mr. Rejimon, Mr. Anoop Rohea, Mr. Rajeev Solanki and Mr. Sunil Sareen.

Initially the DF office bearers met the MCD Officials at Sector 9 Metro Station and showed them around Road No. 226, Road No 210(Sector 20, 21, 22 and 23). All along the roads the malba piled up by Sweeper were shown. The official also interacted with Sweepers in the presence of DF. Later on shown the service lane of Sector 9 where malba lying opposite to Queens Valley School and Prabha Apartments/ Brighu Apartments and Park Royal Apartments.

DF showed them area behind Max Fort School Sector 7 and Brahma Apartment Areas. The MCD Officials acknowledged the lapse and the large volume of Construction Malba on roads and other plots.

For Plots the MCD officials informed since the land owing agency DDA is concerned a joint meeting with DDA officials to work out policy and solution. Immediately on this request a meeting was organised at the office of WD-10 along with DDA officials as listed.

The MCD officials stated that the roads are still with DDA and MCD have no role in cleaning other than normal sweeper’s malba. Dwarka Forum informed that it is unfortunate that when comes to cleaning the part which MCD commissioner itself pro actively come up with cleaning all type of malba and MCD responsibility the lower down the level official declined to cooperate. DF also brought up to notice that if the roads and pedestrian paths are not with MCD, how MCD Najafgarh issuing license to operate various shops, Mobiles Vans and booths from DDA Lands?. The MCD officials informed that they have not permitted a single one and those with some license may be forged etc.

The DF informed that it was the commissioner decision which clearly Para IV of minutes and read out. The EE and JE from MCD finally agreed to clear the all C&D malba under M1 barring area under M3(which is ward No. 145 Counsellor Vijay Pandit). DF will call up on Mr. Jagpal Singh (EE- M3) 971788561 for the cleaning up of area under him. ( when can we call him or ask for appointment or request him for area visit)The EE also informed even though commissioner ordered for cleaning for long term solution need permanent Account head for financial requirements, loader vehicle and labour etc. The DF assured it will be taken up with both commissioner and Finance Head of MCD for early solution and permanent one.

The DDA official present assured all cooperation and conveyed that DDA will construct boundary walls on all open un allotted plots which is current with DDA in line with decision of last meeting with DF and CE-DDA. The present AE/JE DDA also informed that time to time DDA also clear all the malba on various plots, however with on going construction and repair of flats residents keep dumping them and some times on roads and pedestrian paths.

The DF requested the DDA officials to speed up the repair and restoration work of various digging up project by DJB/IGL/MTNL/Telecom/Power Agencies. DDA Assured the tender and costing are in the process to do the same.

The present SS/ASI were asked to ensure more garbage bins by private contractors. The EE MCD also clarified the MCD schools can not be used for sweepers rest office and store as there is ban on school land use. DF would once again request MCD higher authorities and DDA to allocate land and area for MCD for both staff requirements and Permanent Construction Waste Disposal area for each sector.

DDA also requested RWA/CGHS and residents may dispose the construction/repair malba on law laying plots instead of normal plots.

Following Joint Meeting the DF with MCD and DDA official.

The DF GB members held meeting separately with Mr. Anil Tyagi, XE responsible for Sector 7. The follow up of DCP Traffic South on issue of Parking at Sector 7 Ramphal Chowk was taken up. The XE assured all assistance and look into matter. The DF will prepare a request along with RWA of the area for widening the roads and also find suitable parking lot preferably a multi level parking. If that is not possible then write to Director Planning Dwarka and copy to CE DWK for change of concept of the road area of Sector 7.

There were few encroachments which noticed by DF during the visit also taken with XE. Immediately acting swiftly the XE-WD8 dashed of a Memo to Mr. Saha, Dy. Director LM(West Zone) handling enforcement of Encroachments in Dwarka and his office is Subhash Nagar. The Mobile No. 9990021457 /25971689.

Regarding 20/20 building DDA said its MCD responsibility in approval building plans etc. A large number of roads in 20/20 area were RCC roads. However, rampant commercialisation without proper infrastructure will be disaster. The DDA also pointed out the pillars in some of these building are not standard.

Following a meeting with Mr. Brij Lal, new Dy. Director, Horticulture held at his office.

DF welcomed Mr. Brij Lal and offered all assistance and cooperation.

Mr. Lal informed, he is working on the list of parks provided by DF from various sectors. He sought some time an also DF help in solution to some of the problems:

Water: A large number of parks donot have Bore wells. Some of the bore wells are bored years back and currently water table gone down so water is not available these are shallow boring. The new deep boring must be started which DF may get it done close coordination with ED-12(Electrical Division 12). The list of parks where on PRIORITY the bore well need will be given by Dy. Director to XE, ED-12 earliest.

Boundary walls: A good number of parks where isolated areas needs boundary walls. The Horticulture staffs are opinion only BRICKs or Rock type boundary wall as the rest of the Grill or RCC railing are disappear due to thefts. The height of these walls to be increased to 4 feet minimum. DF will write to CE and Civil Circle Engineers and SE.

No pipes: The Horticulture department suggested for permanent pipe for proper water supply in all parks once the bore well in place. For the same the parks need PVC pipe network to be laid. The DF will write to DDA CE and SE for necessary direction to concerned XE for new pipe network.

DF held Meeting with Mr. L C Thakur, XE, Mobile – 9818770443

Mr. Thankur informed the area of operation under ED-12. They have under them 150 parks in Dwarka and all roads 45 meters and all small roads which are not with BSES. The 30/60 meter roads are with Mr. Mittal XE (ED ??)

Mr. Thankur also informed that any park more than one Acre could be provided lighting. Any work over Rs one lakh may contact Mr. P K Chopra- AE-II.

Executive Engineer assured the DF that on receipt of list from Dy. Director Horticulture on list parks where on priority the bore well need will be looked into.

The XE also shared that there is shortage of staff and staffs are double up doing the work with 1 XE, 3 AE , and 5 JE in the section.