Mrs Archana Narain of The Indian Heights School falicitated

Anchal Sharma

Promoting excellence in school is a long drawn process which involves the coordination and support of the student community and their parents, school staff and the supportive Management Committee. We, at The Indian Heights School are fortunate enough to receive this support from all ends. We are working and following the path towards excellence and strengthening our resolve to achieve our highest goal of bringing excellence in the field of education for our students. This all is possible only if you have a good leader. The efforts and contributions of our Principal, Mrs Archana Narain in the field of education has been recognized and she has received “Bharat Award for Excellence-12” conferred by ‘Friendship Forum of India”. This award and appreciation has boosted our morale and inspired us to extensively work for excellence.

Another feather in the cap was achieved when our Principal, Mrs Archana Narain was chosen by Edu Excellence to attend a Principal’s Meet held at Melbourne, Australia and 24 Principals from Delhi and around attended this Meet. This visit has not only strengthened the international ties with the foreign schools but also has paved a way to bring international curriculum to our school.