No-Tobacco Day at S.V.I.S

World Health Organization declared 31st May as world No-Tobacco Day. Eco-Club of school in association with Orange-Cross involved the Summer Campers in spreading the message about the hazards of Tobacco consumption. The programme included:

• pre-event talks
• street play
• feedback based on the questionnaire
• pasting of No-Tobacco Day posters in offices, District Court Sec-9, Dwarka, Police Station Sec-19, Dwarka

Here a quick look on the statistics obtained from the survey

Questions ———————————-Yes—— No—— Can’t Say
Aware about harmful effects of smoking—— 50 ——-15——– 5

Will like the child to take up the habit ———-2——– 67——- 1

Parent a possible role model ——————-54 ——-12 ——4

Possible to quit smoking ———————–57——– 12—— 1

Support the anti-tobacco campaign ————53——– 4 ——13