Orientation Programme for Class X

The school organised an Orientation Programme for class X for the session 2018-19 on 11th May 2018. The main objective of the programme was to apprise the parents about the syllabus, mode of assessment including scholastic and co-scholastic domains and the code of conduct for the students within the school premises. 

The programme commenced with the lighting of the auspicious ceremonial lamp by the Secondary Incharge Mrs. Manju Gupta along with a few teachers and the parents. The soothing and mellifluous chanting of shlokas by S.Aneerudh, a class X student added more divinity to the lighting ceremony. The programme got an encouraging response wherein nearly 90 parents along with their wards attended the session. The entire session was designed in the form of a power point presentation. Certain inspiring videos were also shown to create an awareness among the parents and their wards pertaining to stress and the better way to study.

The first segment of the programme was conducted by the Head Counsellor of the school Dr. Jagmeet on ‘Good Parenting’. Firstly she interacted with the students and encouraged them to be honest to themselves. They were told to take their career seriously and put in genuine efforts to reach to their goals. Later the parents were cautioned in length about the high expectations they keep from their children irrespective of their interest and ability . This leads to an immense stress on the kids and they deter from their desired paths. The parents were told to follow certain guidelines to create a healthy and supportive environment in the house where the kids should get freedom to pick up the right options for themselves. This was later followed by the next segment i.e. showcasing the power point presentation including all aspects of assessment- internal and board exam. The parents were informed about the various domains of internal assessment and the portion of the syllabus to be included in each assessment. They were told about the grading system for scholastic and co-scholastic areas. They were also informed about the behaviour the school expects from all its students and the repercussions if they fail to follow the code of conduct for instance bringing mobiles or bullying. Suraksha Committee which came into existence last year was also introduced to the parents. They were informed about its function and significance in the school. The programme culminated with the feedback of the attendees and then followed by a Parents-teachers’ meeting.