Overflowing of Sewer Line in front of Sri Ram Mandir, Sector 7, Dwarka

The sewer line constructed by residents opposite Sri Ram Mandir has been overflowing every now and then, which has been going on for about 2 years now.

We had in the last two years met almost every one, right from the local councillor to the Chief Minister of Delhi but nothing seems to move ahead.

The overflowing of sever line is a serious health hazard, since all children / elders passing through the road are carrying through the unhealthy particles to their home.

Apart from the above the devotees coming to temple are made to walk through the overflowing sewer line. The overflowing of sewer line at times enters the temple premises also.

We keep talking about Swatch Bharat etc., but we are not able to handle just a few metres of sewer line.

We can only request the authorities to consider relaying / repairing the sewer line if not for the sake of the common man, atleast get it repaired for Lord Sri Rama who is the talk of the town.

We sincerely hope to see some remedy before the Sri Rama Navami.
With kind regards

M Viswanathan
Temple Management Committee