Sachin Gupta, Director & Producer of Paranthe Wali GAli

Debutant director and producer Sachin Gupta’s Low budget and small star cast movie Paranthe Wali Gali which was released on Last Friday has been getting positive response in Delhi, NCR and Punjab cities .

Delhi’s own film ‘Paranthe Wali Gali’ which depicts the vibrant rich culture and scintillating food flavours of walled heritage city of Delhi stars Anuj Saxena (Famous TV serial Kkusum fame) and Neha Pawar will be released in 450 cinema’s across the nation through Reliance Entertainment.

“‘Paranthe Wali Gali’ is a romantic story about Maulik and Naina, who are both from old Delhi. A lot of people claim that they have shot a movie in old Delhi. But many of them are not actually shot here. They are either filmed in Jaipur or in some other place,” said Debutant Director Sachin Gupta who has released his movie under Chilsag-Civitech banner.

“But this entire movie has been filmed in old Delhi. We were very clear about highlighting the flavour of Chadani Chowk and even our costumes are from the market only. It is a very rich and colourful film,” he added.

“Historical walled city’s lanes and by-lanes , its mannerism, culture and its cuisines have been my favourites since childhood, but ‘Paranthe wali gali’ has been always been my hot destination , my debut film named after this street will showcase the resilient and enduring culture and heritage of the area, which has withstood the test of time and remains as vibrant as ever” said Mr Sachin Gupta, Director and producer of the movie and director Chilsag-Civitech motion picture

“The film has been named after Paranthe Wali Gali, Old Delhi’s famous by-lane known for its wide array of tempting paranthas, because the place is shown as a backdrop of the film. “The story of Paranthe Wali Gali starts from the famous and popular lane and then moves into the lives of the characters living there. In the film, we are trying to touch that part of Delhi that has not been explored till now.” Subodh Goel, Co-producer of the film added.

“A romantic comedy, the film also has various other dimensions. It is a sensitive film of dreams, success, failure and relationship.”said Gupta. Till now, Gupta has done 13 original productions, three broadway shows in New York and he even recently got a National Award – Natya Bhushan – for his contribution to theatre.

“I auditioned a lot of actors and met Bollywood stars also. I was very clear about the casting as I wanted a person who had commitment, discipline and excitement about the story,” he added. The filmmaker, who hails from Delhi, is a software engineer by profession. He came to India, leaving his well-settled job abroad, to pursue his filmmaking dream. Sachin feels that he is living his dream by making movies and doing theatre.

“I always wanted to make movies. I was a software engineer working abroad. I had a good pay package but I left all that and came back to India to pursue my dreams. By doing theatre and cinema I am living my dream,” he said. The director’s first film is released and he has already planned his second movie, which is again a romantic comedy but would be based in Punjab.