Plant a Tree this monsoon

Monsoon has arrived and residents of parched Dwarka feeling easy & comfortable with the lowering of temperature. Hours of power cut is also adding to the woes of the residents of Dwarka. With the down pour, temperature has come down giving some relief. No doubt problems like water logging bothers us with the arrival of monsoon. But this the season we can play our role in conserving our nature by tree plantation. Dwarka has the privilege of having parks in every Sector and pocket. RWA and Residents can themselves or request DDA (Horticulture) to go for large scale plantation during this period. More trees in the locality will keep ambient air quality.

We have seen nature’s fury recently in the hilly regions. Negligence towards nature is one of the reason. Trees are cut which holds the soil. Similarly in Dwarka if trees are planted sub-soil water which is on its way to extinction can be preserved to some extent.

Let each one of us in Dwarka plant a tree in the neighbourhood park and within Society. Also Dwarka has many Water Bodies, plantation in the vicinity of Water Body will be of great help in conservation of not only water body and add natural beauty. We owe it to our Mother Earth and to keep the environment clean and breath fresh air.

Citizen Reporter: Arun Banerjee