Good nature doesn’t cost anything

Pt. Shriram Sharma Acharya

Selfless and generous individuals are often tricked by cunning people and as a result, they may usually seem to be at disadvantage. On the other hand, many people—influenced by their generosity—offer them so much help and support that the disadvantage of being tricked by cunning people more or less gets eclipsed by the advantage of reaping help and support from many people. All in all, selfless and generous individuals are always at advantage.

In the same way, selfish people may not bother to help others and in doing so, they may avoid losing anything. However, their selfish nature discourages other people from offering help, thus depriving them of that crucial advantage. To put in a nutshell, mean and selfish individuals would generally suffer greater loss than generous and good-natured individuals.

Corrupt traders who follow double-standards are never seen prospering. Selfish, egoistical and bad-mannered people who expect others to be good to them and help them are actually behaving in the same way as the corrupt traders having double-standards. Such behavior can never ever lead to progress and happiness in life.