Polls to Delhi University Students Union (DUSU): Reforms necessary to make these realistic representative

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Authorities of Delhi University have already made several reforms for polls to Delhi University Students Union (DUSU) well utilising web-technology. But further reforms are necessary to DUSU polls. A simple practical approach to place groups fielding contestants for all the posts of DUSU in the beginning of ballot-papers in alphabetical order of group’s name could make the process simple by doing with unethical tricks to field candidates with identical names and/or to pre-fix ‘A’, ‘AA’ etc to place names first in ballot-papers for confusing voters. DUSU polls should be made more realistic and with widest representation by making it compulsory for all colleges affiliated to Delhi University to get their students automatically enrolled as members of DUSU. DUSU polls should be conducted through Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs).

It was indeed shameful on part of poll-aspirants when once Justice GS Sistani of Delhi High court had to pull up student-leaders approaching Delhi High Court against rejection of their nomination-forms when learned judge advised them to go to nursery schools rather than approaching temple of justice, because these ‘educated’ youth signed at places where those proposing and seconding their names had to sign!