In collaboration with SPACE India, Sri Venkateshwar International School, Sector 18A, Dwarka hosted a range of activities for the students of classes I to VI during the GLOBAL ASTRONOMY MONTH, in order to instil the feeling of love for Astronomy and Space. In the wake of Covid-19 Pandemic, the young astronomers did not miss a chance to contribute and participate in plethora of activities conducted as part of GAM 2020 celebrations. Students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm and showcased their talent under the Universe In The School program of SPACE India.

A total of 25 events were organized by Ms. Heena Bhatia, Senior Educator at SPACE India which include SUNDay Celebrations, Astro Art Contest, Astro Poetry Contest, Earth Day Celebrations, Astro Bookworm, Astro Mask Making, Space Movie Marathon, Astro Chef and many more fun-filled activities.

To appreciate the beauty of the night sky and to raise awareness of how poor-quality lighting creates light pollution, students celebrated International Dark Sky Week by organizing star party at their home, observing the night sky and making their parents aware about the impact of light pollution on astronomical studies.
Students also celebrated Yuri’s Night wherein they made beautiful cards and wrote amazing messages for the First Man in Space Yuri Gagarin.

As part of the celebrations, Astro Gyaan activity was organized in which students acted like Astronomy Teacher and taught their parents about Astronomy & Space Science.

Capture the Supermoon contest was also conducted in which the students took beautiful shots of the Supermoon and also made wonderful sketches.

Students and parents effectively utilized this quarantine and enjoyed doing Astronomy activities. Parents too wrote amazing poem on Astronomy theme.

The UITS program remains unmatched to see and behold. It was a great learning experience which gave them an edge to learn Astronomy and the Celestial World. The creative young minds could explore far beyond what normal eyes could see and the students look forward to see more such fun-filled learning experiences.