Price Rise, Crocodile Tears, Loans & Quit India Movement

Rakesh Manchanda
Endless price rise in Petrol, milk vegetables, dal , cooking gas, railway tickets,electricity and water bills is having no resonance with people. With no increase in salary, wages and profit Aaam Admi (common man) feels cheated. Congress argument is that subsidy to middle class in line with International prices must stop. This means the cooking gas cylinder must cost Rs.700/-. Does this mean that poor should continue to use kerosene and wood for cooking ? Congress should stop dividing middle class from poor class. Leaders must revisit Late Ex-PM Rajeev Gandhi remark that out of one rupee only 15 paise subsidy reaches the poor. Why the same systems continues where 85 paise is eaten in between and full rupee never reaches the last Indian ? Huge subsidy is siphoned by the middlemen and remains distributed only on paper.

Both BJP-Congress are silent on more & more subsidy to few favoured Corporate in India. Private sector corruption costs like in KG-Basin Reliance scam are borne by shareholders and common people. At times loans to crony corporate is waved off. Whereas all 130 crore citizens bear the costs of corruption in government with poor buying candles and match box and paying consumer Tax.

Blind Loan Model of the Economy in support of corporates forces me to see a huge disconnect. Allow me to remember my childhood in early 1980s. My parents refused to send me to an expensive three day school tour outside Dehra Dun. The logic given by my father was clear : We Cannot Take Loan To Meet Your Luxury. No honest Indian Middle class takes loan to meet their luxury expenses.The poor class per day income of Rs.26/- in village and Rs.32/- in city keeps majority Indians out of loan category. Does Minister educate or ask People before blindly following American Loan Model to take loans from outside? Loan driven American government now with 15% unemployment is still better in Governance. American Mayor in small towns calls a weekly meeting in Town Hall. People are asked to audit town expenses and approve whether to install fountains in the village park or not. Whether to allow Wal Mart Retail Food chain to open its stores in American cities or not? This is decided by American citizens. Is it not True that American Citizens do not allow Business Houses to run private Banks ? So participation of people decides in America unlike in India. Here in India only Finance Minster or PM decides whether to allow Wal Mart Retail Food Chain or not. It is a different spin that American foreign policy and its business policy in Africa and Asia is based on power survival with no education to people. Overseas American policy is seen lobbying for 20% share of world`s natural resources to satisfy 5% population of the World which is American. American foreign policy outside is to share the loot with Ministers of the Third World.

It is not difficult to understand politicians and their disconnect with the Market. How this mindless, headless Chicken like Government called UPA-2 is taking pride to display their `no controls` on Market Prices ? Print and Electronic Media is full of such false story of `courage` where Ministers say that price rise is natural and is beyond their control. Helpless, cowards and thieves are painted as future solution providers.

Congress allies like DMK and TMC instead of forcing congress to correct its policy are shedding crocodile tears.DMK and TMC had been sucking power and blood from 2G Ghotala(scam) and Rail Bhavan. Ex-Railway Minister Mamta Didi had shamelessly used Railway Ministry as a spring Board to gain more power. She was always found absent at accident sites and in Rail Bhawan.Now she is unable to provide safe health in West Bengal. All congress allies knew that petrol prices shall be increased after every few days as they supported congress,naxals,maoists and suggested congress to hang common man again and again. What is the use of giving more power and vote to such Ministers who teach rulers to increase prices slowly and in parts again and again.It is like hanging a dead person/corpse again and again.

If UPA-2 is unable to control prices it must Quit India. Ministers must stop shedding Crocodile tears. Corrupt VIPs who shall leave India may find protection in Temples and in Tax Heavens. Where useless Gold and black money still stands hidden and teasing.