Free Lance Journalist
The Private builders and promoters are notorious in duping the public by making false promises and this write up present the readers an opportunity of knowing their tricks.  From this, it will be clear that even the reputed promoters are not legging behind in the game of taking the customers for granted reminding us that being a reputed promoter does not mean honest too.

  Vatika Group, Gurgaon claiming creating lasting value offered hundreds of plots to the customers in thousend park under its much published scheme named Infotech City Jaipur in June, 2005.  The group promised to hand over possessions of plots in three years but even after close to six years, Vatika has not given possession to them. The Company in Oct. 2006 has re-assured by sending letters to hand over possession within 24 month at the time of demanding the last installment of 20 per cent but has not given the same till date. After a gap of about 4 years, in another letter dated 30th July, 2010, Surjit Ray, Sr. Manager, Client Services assured the purchasers, “in the area where your plot is located is progressing at full swingwe expect to handover all the plots within the next 12-14 months time period depending on the location of your plot”. 
But when there was no word on the handing over the possession of plots till January this year, I visited the Company’s office on 27th January, 2011 and Mr. Pankaj Adhalaka, CRM PERSONNEL informed that the possession could not be given as there was some problem in the handling over land by the farmers and in shifting of the high tension lines over this area.  From this, it appeared that either the Company had not been purchased the land or has been able to effect the change of land use. The Company is maintaining the studious silence on the query on this issue and RTI has been filed to Jaipur Development Authority to know the factual position.  But even in Authority, it appears that the Company has its influence as after little less than two months, he had received no reply yet.  To other such unfortunate fated allottees are Vimal Dev who has paid up to 80% and the other is Praveen Panwar under deferred plan and had already paid 40% of the price.
Though, as per plot-buyers agreement, Promoters promised that if they are not able to hand over the plot to any allottee for any reason, then they will be liable to refund of amount with 9% interest but the Company is not honouring that commitment too which is tantamount to force the clients to agree for relocation of site. Even at the relocated site, the plots are not ready for possession till date. Most of the clients have paid close to Rs. 10 lakhs i.e. 95 per cent of the price to the Vatika.

Now, the allottees are exploring the possibilities to try the Company for cheating and fraud.