Has marriage changed Kinshuk Mahajan

Chandan Sharma
Can a handsome hunk who just got married three months ago change his bachelorhood ways and settle down into domesticity??? “Why not?” questions Kinshuk Mahajan, currently seen on Zee TV’s primetime show, Afsar Bitiya. The charming actor broke millions of hearts when he decided to marry his childhood sweetheart, Divya, three months ago. And now one hears that the actor has become a perfect example for others to emulate on how to balance one’s professional and personal life. He has his work and home life so well sorted that he gets time to focus on both and give both his best with no complaints from his producer, cast or wife. Once his shoot is done, he’s a complete family man and runs home to his wife!

Ask Kinshuk how is he dealing with this new chapter in his life, pat comes the reply, “Firstly, my habits and lifestyle haven’t changed a bit since marriage. My wife, Divya has accepted me just the way I am. In fact she knows me better than I do myself since we’ve known each other for so many years. Yes, I do rush home immediately after the shoot but that’s because I rush out to hang out or party with my wife and my close bunch of friends. Both of us love to do the same things. She is like my buddy. I can share anything and everything with her without any second thoughts. So I don’t agree that I’m just a home bird. Both of us are young and enjoy our lives just as any other youngster our age would! And I also ensure that at no point is my work compromised. Infact, I did not even go on my honeymoon as we were just about to launch Afsar Bitiya immediately after my marriage! I had to prepare for the role of Pintoo Singh and I returned to Mumbai after all wedding related rituals were over!”

Says a source from the sets of Afsar Bitiya, “Kinshuk and Divya make a wonderful couple together. She is very graceful and friendly lady who keeps smiling all the time. She visits the sets often whenever Kinshuk is working for longer hours at a stretch and gets along really well with all the other cast members especially Shahbaaz Khan, Indira Krishnan and Yash Sinha. Their non-stop banter livens the atmosphere!”
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