Problems, issues & hardship faced by Dwarka Residents

Problems, issues & hardship faced by Dwarka Residents is a platform for all the residents, RWA’s and agencies of Dwarka to share the opinions pertaining to the problems faced by the residents and their solutions.
Dwarka, the largest sub-city in Asia which is meant to accommodate a population of more than 10 lacs, presently has 6 lacs+ people residing in it in more than 400 societies.
Dwarka is an upcoming sub-city, and despite being relatively densely populated, still has free-space available which is earmarked for several utilities and services, but not much has been materialized.

Unlike other parts of Delhi, Dwarka is more severely and adversely affected, owing primarily to concentrated population and partially developed infrastructure and thus has been left grappling with myriad of problems some of which are being summarized:

Water Problem: There is huge gap between the demand and supply of potable water. As per the information contained in the 55th PAC Report presented to the parliament, there is shortage of 7 MGD water in Dwarka. It is therefore, requested to take up the matter on priority basis.

Voters Card: More than 90 % of Dwarkaites does not have voting card. Till now no effective action/ step has been initiated to make Voter I Card of Dwarkaites. It is requested that mobile camps should be available at the various sector of Dwarka.

C.G.H.S scam –Innocent residents are being forced to suffer owing to the long-pending CGHS Society scam. More than 100 societies have been adversely affected under this scam. The residents strongly demand that this be resolved at the earliest. Our website has been receiving lot of messages enquiring the present status of this issue which needs to be resolved expediently. Although all the societies are being screened under this, at least those which are undisputed societies, the allotment should be held immediately.

Some of the Issues discussed at Dwarka Forum

– Bad condition of roads & service lane
– Regular 4 hour power cuts in various sectors
– Expedite the commissioning of Medical Facilities
– Requirement of more Traffic Police
– poor maintenance of parks
– path to metro station from various sectors not safe – long bushes, darkness
– Inter transport system in Dwarka not available
– parking problem at various markets in dwarka
– Need for a reference library
-Regular trimming of shrubs & bushes alongside roads, societies, parks and
dividers at the traffic intersections
– Lack of entertainment facilities and malls
– Check the stray cattle and dog menace

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We have been representing the above hardships of the residents to various authorities from time to
time but with no tangible results.

We therefore, request all govt. agencies & offices to kindly look into the above problems favourably
on priority basis.



Dwarka Residents

Source: Dwarka Parichay News & Information Services