Learning in the workshop

In the workshop held in our class we learnt many new facts and after the workshop the facts we knew were further modified .We enjoyed the workshop a lot because it was very interactive.The main part we went across some important points:

1.The importance of media in our lives.

2.The correct use of internet and various apps like whatsapp and social networking sites like facebook.

3. How can we increase our knowledge and act as an active Indian citizen.

As an active citizen we should know what is happening around us.The main fact is we the young generation have all the resources which we can utilise.But we are not able to utilise them because we have created an opinion that newspapers and news channels are boring.We will realise later that it was a mistake.But in the workshop our opinion was completely changed.We came to know about the differences between the resources available to us now and the limited resources present in the past.We should understand that the rsources we have should be utilised properly because we have an opportunity ,which everyone donot get. Now we know the correct usage of our resource.So we will and shall change .The ideas taught to us were really practical. It would also help us in choosing our carrier.


I would like to thank Mr.SS Dogra for organizing such a wonderful workshop at our school premises.