Process of Pot hole repair in DDA

Engineer Member,
Delhi Development Authority,
B-Block, I Floor, Vikas Sadan,
INA, Delhi-110023.

Dear Sir,

Reg: Process of Pot hole repair

There is a persistent problem where repair of potholes is not carried out by DDA in time. As a result they keep on growing in size and quantity. Photos from service lane in front of plot no. 12 to 16 sector 12. There are several potholes, uneven spaces & dug up areas, this is a fit case of investigation why these remain unrepaired for such long time. It is understood that DDA grants prior permission to other agencies for digging after securing a suitable charge for repairing the dug up spots. But there is also gross failure on the part of DDA to repair such dug up spaces despite getting compensation.

This is a key to very big problem related to road maintenance, how concerned supervising engineer affords to ignore such potholes and does not take any action for months together? What administrative bottleneck binds his hands and he is not able to take any action? Is it the result of lax control by senior officers where there is no concept of accountability towards job? Is it a result of some kind of nexus where small jobs are avoided until they become big?

This requires a thorough process review by Engineer Member.

I request you to look into the matter & take appropriate action in this regard.

Yours faithfully,

S K Goyal
Sector-12, Dwarka,

New Delhi-110078.