Balsabha 2015 – Annnual Cultural Extravaganza held at N.K.Bagrodia Public School

The celebrations commenced with the welcome dance performance “Atithi Devo Bhav “ and Shakti Stuti “.It is a platform where opportunities are provided to each and every child to show his dramatic abililty. It gives an on stage exposure and shed off the fears. An event where a lot of social development takes place and 100% participation is encouraged giving provision of an optimal atmosphere and ensures that every child grows and progresses to the best of their potential. The show comprised colourful variety of the musical, choreographical and acting display of the budding talents. The themes of the programme were ‘Happiness Galore’ and ‘Wellness Mantra’. All the children of Nursery and KG projected the themes through a dazzling display of dances with perfect steps to the tune and rhythm which kept the audience glued to the stage. It was an absolutely appealing sight. They performed a medley of dances and were very aptly attired in costumes replicating different forms of nature like the earth, sun, moon, stars, trees, animals, birds etc. The themes were emphasized through their performances. It was heartening to see the showcasing of happiness in every aspect of life . We seek wellness in the surroundings and within ourselves . Different aspects conveyed the message of universal brotherhood. The ‘Spiritual wellness Dance’ was a visual delight. .The highlight of the programme was the little ones conducting the entire programme themselves with confidence. The show reflected the enthusiasm and confidence of our tiny wonders. The programme rose to a final crescendo when each class teacher was introduced by the students in perfect description .