Pusthakaineettam… a noble way of celebrating Vishu

“All our festivals were originated from our own life; we can find its origin in our rich cultural heritage. It is, therefore, our duty to celebrate these festivals without losing out the essence of it”, said Padma Shri Dr.(Mrs.) Leela Omchery while inaugurating the Pusthaka Kaineettam, a noble initiative by Jansanskriti, Dwarka Branch, by giving away valuable reference books to students on the occasion of Vishu. It symbolises Vishu Kaineettam (distribution of wealth – given by elders of the family freely, and accepted by all with utmost reverence) during the time of Vishu. In Kerala, the start of the Zodiac New Year – when the sun enters into Sidereal Aries, Ashwini nakshatra – is celebrated as Vishu.

Dr. (Mrs.) Leela Omchery further said that our festivals are synonymous to our ancient culture. Our songs, dance et al come from that culture only. One can see our culture in it, our life in it. Hence it is our duty to preserve it. Moreover, it should be made part of our activities.
Vishu is a festival of light, wealth and happiness. Giving books to the students at this occasion, symbolises enlightening the mind of these little ones. Such endeavours of a different kind differentiates Jansanskriti from other organisations, said Dr. (Mrs.) Leela Omchery.

Dr. (Mrs.) Leela Omchery distributed books provided by Jansanskriti Dwarka Branch to more than 125 students of Dwarka. While speaking on the occasion, Shri. S. Santhosh, Vice Chairman, Jansanskriti Dwarka Branch said that there have been attempts by people with vested interest, to convert all our festivals into religious festivals.

It is at this juncture one should see the importance of Jansanskriti’s such initiates and efforts to celebrate religious festivals in a different way. Apart from making special food or wearing special attire during festival, as elders, we don’t see any importance in describing to our children the essence of these festivals, said Mr. Santhosh. He further added that we ignore the great teachings behind festivals like, Onam and Vishu.

Shri. R. Prasannan, Delhi Bureau Chief, The Week Magazine appreciated Jansanskriti Dwarka branch for organising this event blending the myth associated with Vishu and giving a new feel for the festivities associated with it. Shri. Prasannan inaugurated collection of books, for the Library which Janasanskriti, Dwarka branch plans to start soon. He also donated 50 books for this cause from his personal collections. Shri. V.C. Emmanuel, Shri. Pradeep Nambiar and Shri. K.P. Pradeep Menon also donated books from their personal collections for this noble cause. Smt. Sreelekha received the books on behalf of Jansanskriti, Dwarka branch.

Dr. (Mrs.) Leela Omchery introduced Smt. Sreedevi Pillai as the teacher for Janasanskriti’s new Malayalam Mission study centre at Daffodil Apartment, Sector-6, Dwarka.
Mr. Rupesh Menon and Mr. K.K.Santhosh, Joint Secretaries of Jansanskriti, Central Committee, wished Dwarka Branch all the very best for this novel initiatives.

Shri. Ashokan Nambiar, Secretary, Janasanskriti Dwarka branch, welcomed and Branch Committee Member, Smt. Sreelekha thanked the audience. Various cultural programmes were also organised as part of this event.