Knowledge & Storytelling Session by Bookling at Sri VIS

“The things I want to know are in books; my best friend is the man who’ll get me a book I ain’t read.” – Abraham Lincoln

To expand the circumference of knowledge the Sri Venkateshwarites had a Book Reading and Knowledge session in the school auditorium on October 9, 2012 organised by Bookling. The day started with an interactive knowledge session by Mr. Arjun Narang a budding theatre artist and a voracious reader. He initiated the session with some visual stimulation tapping the grey cells of the young learners. 

Storytelling can encourage students to explore their unique expressions and can heighten a student’s ability to communicate his thoughts and feelings in an articulate and lucid manner which was visible when Mr. Arjun narrated the story with voice modulation and theatrical skills. There was rapt attention in the auditorium leaving the little ones awestruck.

The communicative session acted as a bridge between readers and the information in form of books to drift them towards the world of reading to an elevated level. The school tries its level best to provide the maximum opportunities to the readers with its well equipped library having a variety of books and stimulating activities like the above mentioned so that maximum students can turn into active and potential readers.