Dr. R.K.Bhardwaj – Sujok Therapist, in an exclusive interview with S.S. Dogra-Managing , shared his views about Sujok Therapy in detail. Excerpts:

Who is the inventor of Sujok Therapy?

The Sujok Therapy, try-origin model, Six ki, Sujok ki, etc. have been discovered by Prof Park Jae Woo

“Father of Sujok” and a great scientist of Korea.

How different this therapy from other treatment?

This wonderful therapy is simple, quick, instant, non-invasive and has no side effect. It is one of the most wonderful alternative therapies for treating any type of pain in the body.

From where you got the training ?

I have received intensive Sujok training under several known therapists such as Narinder Choudhary, S R Agrwal U.K. Sharma, Dr Vailtta of Russia and Sujok creator Prof. Park Jae Woo of Kore

How useful Sujok in Liver Ailments?

Sujk Theraphy has proved a boon for curing various diseases .Problems of brain, eyes, nose, throat, abdomen, chest, sexual organs, muscular pain, tendons, ligaments, fatty liver and hypertension, etc. can be tackled.Liver correspondence points near the base of palm towards little finger. It can be activated with acu life electronic device, diagnostic probe, seeds or magnets. Etc.

This theraphy is popularly known as pain killer therapy particularly head, neck, sciatica, arms and legs et.

What about Diabetic patient?

Sujok Acu-pressure is particularly very effective in treating diabetes.

Do you have any solution for Sciatica pain?

Yes. It has. Sciatica gives unbearable pain to the paitients. It is long nerve and runs from the lower lumber region upto the 4th/5th toe nail generally through the side of the leg. The most powerful areas are the hip, knee, calf and ankle etc. It has three main categories (a) gall bladder meridian type (b) Urinary bladder type
( c) Kidney Meridian type.

What is about Spinal Problems?

Sujok Acu-pressure is one of the most effective therapies in treatment of spinal problems. The spinal column is divided in three parts. (a) Upper spine, b Middle Spine (c)Lower spine.Prof. Park Jae Woo, plotted the whole spine on the thumb, back of palm of hand, fingers and toes. The seven vertical vertebrae are marked on yang side of thumb starting from first joint up to the second joint. Similarly 12 thoracic, five humbar+five sacral+4 coccyres are shown from second joint to the lowest joint touching the wrist joint. The lower spine has also been represented on the inner side of the heel of foot. Leg is also represented by the middle finger and hand by the index finger-upper joint of middle finger with ankle, middle joint with knee and last joint with hip.

Can it cure Migraine & Cervical Problem?

Sujok system has emerged as one of the most effective alternative therapies in the treatment of migraine and cervical spondylitis. One acu-point on the back side of upper joint of index finger is pressed ten times in about ten seconds and it gives much relief in pain in the front side of the head.Similarly the occipital areas of brain can be treated by pressing point on the backside of the lower joint of thumb ten times.

Is it helpful in Headache?

Headache can be removed with sujok acu pressure the pain may be due to tumer, abscess, menimgegitis, allergis, high low blood pressure,anxiety, sressand anemia. Even problems of eyes, nose , ear,constipation gasto-intetinal diseases may be removed within minutes.

How many patients have been cured with this therapy?

I have cured more than two thousand patients who were suffering with acute pain of different parts of the body.

What is your message about this therapy?

Patients who are in pain should come forward to learn and try this wonderful therapy. Because it is simple, quick, instant, non-invasive and has no side effect. Moreover, it is one of the most wonderful alternative therapies for treating any type of pain in the body.

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