Reasons why accidents on roads keep happening

Day in day out, newspapers & TV channels are reporting about accidents on roads.These cause huge misery to the persons involved in the accidents & to their immediate family members.We all know what type of miseries,these are.I will not elaborate on the same in this piece.

But,the sad fact is that,despite accidents happening with clockwise regularity, the efforts which need to be put in to arrest this sad situation,the concerned authorities who have been entrusted with the charge/responsiblities to check this MENACE are are not putting in the needed inputs?

What are these inputs?The prime input to my mind,is the change of MINDSETS
of the staff,manning these organisations,

If this is achieved, then other things are only, then possible.

Otherwise,there is not be going to be any dent in this stark reality.

I will elaborate on the various ways to arrest this situation,in my next piece.

Vijay K. Saluja

Giraffe Heroes India
Former CE[c]
New Delhi Municipal Council