Save water and electricity for better future

Electricity is precious not because it is scarce but because the resources from which it is generated are precious and scarce. Anything that is precious and scarce deserves to be judiciously used and not wasted. Do we show that sensitivity towards electricity?

Electricity saved is generally not stored. It is an instant gift we can give to someone who needs it. Let us save Today so that we don’t starve Tomorrow.

There are some simple things that we all can do to play our part in this movement to conserve energy.

· Switch off all unnecessary lights yourself; don’t think that it is too petty for your attention and action.

· During the day use only essential lighting. Mark all essential switches with a green dot and put up a sticker on the switch board stating that only green switches are to be switched on during the day.

· Make use of natural light during the day in your room as well as in public areas.

· Switch off lights and air conditioners while you are away from your room.

· Keep your air conditioner at 24-26 degrees as it consumes less energy at that setting.

· Segregate essential lighting from non-essential lights in public areas if they are operated by a common switch.

· Don’t waste water. Even as electricity is generated from water, the tap water that we get in cities consumes lot of electricity before it reaches you.

· Close any tap if it is found open without being used.

· Report leaking taps at once to the maintenance staff.

What would you do if one of your kin is involved in a serious situation? Be indifferent? Wait for someone else to act? Or do the best that you are capable of?

The present water and electricity crisis involves us all even if many of us have insulated ourselves from its immediate impact. So ACT before it is too LATE. We should conserve energy not merely because we don’t have it in plenty but because we should not be accused of leaving a denuded planet by future generations. We respect our ancestors for they were not rapacious.

Let not our indifference make us vulnerable to that accusation. Every drop of water and every unit of electricity that you SAVE is an invaluable contribution to society, nature and your progeny.

Additional Secretary