The students at JM International School, Dwarka, New Delhi, are on the verge of becoming successful entrepreneurs. As participants in the School Enterprise Challenge (under the aegis of the British Council), they are aiming to nurture themselves into globally aware, socially responsible, young magnates.

Infinity Chocolate Products is the brand conceptualized and run by the students at JMIS. Initially, the students brainstormed on the business idea and plan. They further conducted a market research inclusive of consumer survey and competitor analysis which helped them evaluate their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats with respect to their local competitors. 

The core team consists of approximately 200 students who have divided themselves into areas such as Marketing, Operations, Supply and Sales Management. The zealous enthusiasts sell their Handmade Chocolates, Chocolate Popcorns, Chocolate dipped Oreos and Chocopies during the lunch break daily. They also function through special kiosks in neighborhood residential complexes on festive occasions. Stalls are also put up within the school premises on events such as Annual Day, Parent Teacher Meetings, Book Fairs, etc. The consumers savour every bite of Infinity Chocolate Products.