Living in a dust Bowl in front of service lane sector-23, dwarka

Citizen’s Reporter
Cicily Kodiyan

Residents of sector-23 in front of service lane which stars from the sector-23 police station to DDA housing complex have been living in a dust bowl for the past 7-8 months. Reason – Delhi Jal Board laid water pipe lines around 6-7 months back and left half the road cut for putting the pipes and the other half supposedly intact. Only after repeated follow-ups by Association of neighbourhood ladies activists, and residents of the area have things started moving now. They have contacted the Jal board officials on taking immediate action to clean up the roads and to clear the side of the road which is still intact, so that motorists and people can walk without any hindrance. Many cases were reported of older people and children falling down and hurting themselves because of the callousness of officials. Each time there is a vehicle that passes it raises a cloud of dust that people and especially children inhale, which in turn would make them susceptible to various respiratory disorders.
The jal board and DDA authorities have agreed to clean up this area at the earliest and work is now in progress.  Also the DDA has the road work contract ready, however it has to wait for BSES to lay underground cables from sector 9 grid which will go through this service lane. It would take about 3 weeks for BSES to complete the work on a 3 km strecth. ANHLGT is in touch with top BSES officials to make sure that this work by BSES has started and that they are able to complete laying the electrical pipes in 3 weeks time. Once this is done the road work in the service lane can begin.
ANHLGT activists along with residents is following up on a regular basis to make sure that BSES completes its work in time so that the road work can begin at the earliest possible time. By calling all the related officials of DDA, Jal board, BSES to the site we are making sure that these agencies are communicating on the issue directly in front of the citizens and not able to pass the buck to the other agencies.
The responsibility for getting such work done is not only with agencies such as DDA, Jal board, BSES etc but also the residents who should be aware of their responsibly towards making the community a better place to live in.