Security in Dwarka Societies should be a TOP priority

Ramesh Thukral

I am very much concerned about the safety and security of Societies. Everyday we are noting terrorist attacks at one or the other place. Fortunately till today nothing has happened in Societies. But I feel the societies are very venerable to such possibilities. The aim of the terrorists is to gain popularity whether the attack is in the markets or courts. Before anything happens in any society, I want to suggest that the Police Department should make it mandatory for all the societies to have CCTV in the societies and a compliance reports should be sent to the concerned SHO. As regards the Guards posted in the societies, they are not more than a BODY rather than a real Guard. These guards are hired by the Security Agencies at nominal amount and posted on the gates of different agencies. The Guards are rikshawalas or some new persons coming for job from Bihar or UP. Even sometime the guards posted in the societies do not know the names of the societies where they are working. I feel the Police Department should think about it seriously.