Jolly LLB: Good governance with speed justice dream to audience.

Rakesh Manchanda
Lusaka-Republic of Zambia.

Doctors takes away your saving on the pretext of health. Lawyers keeps you engaged in litigation till you loose all your savings. Policeman harasses you on one pre-text or other. God should save us from them is common man`s wish but God says my system is equal but few guys build unequal systems for power and profit. This `silent message` of God is wonderfully packed in a bollywood craft that provokes good governance with speed justice dream to audience.

Jolly LLB is a mirror of real judiciary of India that is unable to deliver justice in time and is trapped between the rich and common man.

Jolly LLB unfolds with ease a complicated web of system of law that is completely based upon the evidences and proofs but there is `match fixing` by expert lawyers. The rich man buys the evidence or creates the evidence to defeat the common man who keeps fighting against rich man by selling his house, land and at last they become landless, homeless and such people flock to the metro or big cities for their survival and they sleep on the pavement on the roadside and get killed while sleeping in night by cars driven by drunk and spoilt rich owner.

Jolly LLB is a comical drama that says a lot about Indian society that has so far suffered due to broken disconnected systems. Film revolves around corrupt judicial systems, civic sense and power of law delivered separately to rich and to poor. How judiciary functions casts a series of mocking entertainment of the real mirror life of a common man hungry for justice is a treat worth watch. Court sequence where a series of lawyers make the common people’s life hell are entertaining and provoking. Powerful choreography gives the self realisation satisfaction to common man as an audience that his pains of no justice or delayed justice are reflected.

Dates after dates for justice come and go and men go away from the world without getting justice. With indigenous and overseas second week success cinema lovers must watch out : The Bollywood satire : Jolly LLB. I recommend this as a must watch new story for global citizens with English subtitles.

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