Sri VIS, Dwarka organizes anticracker campaign via Street Theatre

“Let the clean air blow the cobwebs from our society.” Believing in the maxim, young class 6 students, guided by the Eco-Club and GSP Coordinator Ms Jyoti Sehrawat and Ms Renu of Sri Venkateshwar International School, Sector-18, Dwarka tried to spread the message of being responsible for the environment you live in; through the anti-cracker campaign. The campaign was held three days before Diwali, on an off day; further proving the sense of determination of the GSP committee of the school. The team approached the community in busy public places to spread the awareness for an eco-friendly Diwali. They covered metro stations, local markets and central market of Sector 12, Dwarka region.

The expected objective of the street theatre was achieved as many members of public, including young children; promised to shift to an eco-friendlier Diwali celebrations and were highly appreciative of the initiative. Curious young minds among the audience promised to minimize cracker bursting to a large extent. The genuine efforts of the team were reflected by the feedback provided by the audience as few of their questions were: “Which school do you belong to?”, “What is Green School Programme?”, “Do you think your efforts will lead to a behavioural change among the audience?” 

The team received its best compliment from an eighty five year old senior citizen, a resident of Akshardham Apartments, who said, “ May God bless you and your school and may your endless efforts bear fruits and we have the much needed clean environment”. 

The young Venkateshwarites gained not only the support of the community but also learnt the value of social responsibility, sensibility and sensitivity for the mother earth. One of the Eco-Club volunteers opined on culmination of the programme, “People are indeed aware but no one is actually taking care due to old habits and traditions. Now as a society, we requires a behavioural change in terms of life styles, considering the effect upon environment and other fellow beings”.