M. K, Gupta
Free Lance Journalist

After the Supreme Court order in the case of Apni Society and Delhi HC order in Diamond Society to the RCS for sending the file to DDA for draw within 15 days and direction to DDA for holding the draw within a month thereafter, the RCS has not complied these orders and has not sent file to the DDA, informed Shri Asok Kumar, convenor, Suffering Members Association. He also told that the RCS is trying with DDA to cancel the land lease for some societies as according to RCS, the land has been fraudulently allotted to them.

There is no reaction of RCS or Delhi Govt. after the self-draw of Crown Society, Sector 7. Today, in Yogiraj and other Societies case will come up for hearing in the Court. Now, the time has come that after the election of Diamond Society, new Managing Committee should revisit the whole issue, in consultation with their lawyers, for conducting the self-draw or wait for relief from the RCS/ govt indefinitely.

The cases of cases of some societies including Raj Vihar and Bharat Jagriti are also before the Court.

Power corrupt and more power corrupt more. Bureaucracy has lost sensitivity and is indifferent to the suffering of the members of the Societies waiting for draw.