Students of Krishnam School celebrate Ganesh Festival in a unique way

The students of Krishnam School, Aurangabad celebrated Ganesh Festival with a difference, on Wednesday 4th September.

Along with the traditional and customary installation of the idol of Shri Ganesh, the school organized a day-long exhibition with active participation of students from 1st to 9th standard. Guided and mentored by the GURUTWA Team from Meta Schooling Pune, the students eloquently explained in their own words the significance and symbolism of various aspects of Ganesh.

The event was well attended by about 300 people including parents, students and teachers from other schools. Trustees of a few Ganesh Mandals who were present at the event expressed their appreciation of the students’ fluent depiction of Knowledge, Power, attributes of a Divine Character, traits of Leadership and Success, understanding of Left and Right Brain and Work-Life balance, all derived not from Western management books, but from the interpretation of symbols associated with Ganesh.

This is perhaps the first time that an attempt has ever been made at school level, to unravel the fundamentals of wisdom from ancient Bharatiya traditions and spiritual practices.

Krishnam School is an institution in which a judicious blend of culture and modern education is imparted to students. GURUTWA, a wing of Meta Schooling is dedicated to integrating ancient Gurukul values with the latest schooling and knowledge system, thus assuring the school of Process and Culture Transformation to achieve Global Excellence.

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