Suggestions for DDA PLANS -2010

Director -PR

Vice-Chairman, Delhi Development Authority, Shri Ashok Kumar has drawn up a detailed plan for DDA for the year 2010. The plan encompasses speedy development works, effective monitoring, increased accountability of the employees, review and amendment of Recruitment Rules for facilitating direct recruitment at appropriate levels, training programmes for honing the skills of existing employees etc.

The focus of the year will be In-Situ development of slum clusters and construction of EWS and LIG flats. The 21 clusters identified for In-Situ development will be taken up and it is expected that the work at the first 04 clusters will be started during this year only after finalizing the Private Participation Model for the same. Out of 42000 EWS houses which are slated to be completed within a next four years. For all development works a new strategy will be adopted for monitoring and implementation by appointing a single Nodal Officer of the rank of Principal Commissioner instead of various officers of various departments supervising various segments of the work. According to this strategy housing construction of EWS houses and their disposal will be under one Principal Commissioner for monitoring purposes though the construction part will continue to be under Engineering Department. Similarly, for Master Plan roads instead of a single Master Plan road being under different Chief Engineers, depending upon the jurisdiction zone of the Engineering, only one project officer will be responsible for maintenance, upgradation or any other related work. This single authority approach is being adopted for increased monitoring and accountability.

Greening and development of Yamuna River Front, upgradation of the existing sports complexes are the other thrust areas of the year. As per this initiative, four Bio-diversity parks which have been planned will be taken up speedily in association with Delhi University. Development of Coronation Park alongwith upgradation of existing sports Complexes and development of four new sports complexes will be provided the requisite impetus to ensure speedy completion.
An International Co-operation Division has been created for adopting best practices in urban development in the context of Delhi. The Division will be in touch with planning bodies world over to work out strategies for development keeping in view the best international practices.
On the HR front a balanced strategy of honing the skills of the existing employees through extensive and effective training and direct recruitment for inducing fresh blood in various DDA cadres is on the cards. For removing stagnation and increasing the level of motivation, cadre review and recruitment rules will be reviewed one by one so as to ensure parity between various cadres with assured Career Progression.

Weeding of records and construction of record rooms coupled with shifting the records in electronic format are expected to be taken up to ensure that a proper data base for consumer satisfaction and retrieval of information is created.

For grievances redressal a senior nodal officer will be identified for all categories of grievances ensuring regular monitoring and review for satisfactory disposal.

With these strategic innovations, DDA is expecting not only accelerated completion of various projects but also increased monitoring and accountability so that the projects are executed more professionally and in a people friendly manner.

Suggestions from Dwarka Forum

We would like to submit the following comments.

EWS: The much needed work on this to be on ground. In the years to come there wont be land available in Delhi for DDA to construct EWS if you continue to allow all open area as FARM HOUSES or Commercial Villages or its extensions.

Single Authority: This is certainly welcome one. Comparing multiple officers for one road instead of one. There are many such examples in Dwarka.


Sports: With CWG is nearing, it was disappointment to see there is nothing much on pipe line other than 4 sports complex. We hope Dwarka sports complex for various sectors pending will be on fast track.

International Division: Please don’t have division only Traveling and Touring. The most important area is implementation and monitoring. The delay in project is causing huge loss not just for DDA for govt on various projects are delayed. Bringing international standard is certainly welcome just like UTTIEPC, hope such attitude should transfuse to DDA staffs.

HR: Bringing fresh blood is welcome. However to ensure the old blood dont harm the new one and cancer of corruption which is high in DDA transfused new one. Existing cancerous one to be removed as early as possible. Hope they will not be awarded higher grade and promotion instead of removing. What about Bio Metric Attendance and Performance based promotion and career growth? Put all corrupt one in one department(Against those complaint either vigilance/cbi or other findings).

Computerisation: Every year we hear about this.(Please refer Minister Jaipal Reddy statment) It was mandated in Oct 2005 under RTI Act. Crores spend but still DDA not computerised. Leave apart LDC/UDC the high officials email and system only remain as decorating item on their table. What is needed WAR FOOT efforts to computerise all records within 3 months. Thats possible and DDA got enough budget and will get good support from Indian IT companies.

Grievances : There is already existing system. Only lacking is accountability and monitoring missing. If there is any found guilty, no action resulted even grievance are ignored. The weekly Tue/Thu meeting remain a mockery of passing the bucks. Vice Chairman should sit outside his chamber or on main reception at least once in a month on surprise hearing.

Sir, we know if the right intentions are there things will improve and we hope better from DDA in the year 2010. DDA is one of the largest organisation. See how similar organisation like Metro doing example work. Why not in DDA. I am sure you will ensure that quality improvement in year 2010. We look forward change in DDA from people will not call it Delhi Destruction Authority.

We wish you the best of 2010.


Rejimon CK
President (Dwarka Forum-Regd).