“The art of self-defense can offer you better job opportunity” says S.K.Yadav

Born on 16 th May, 1977, his father is a retired Air Force officer. He did his Master degree in Physical Education from Degree College of Physical Education, Amravati , Maharashtra , India . He has a team of dedicated and experienced karate coaches who are working under him. He is also the Founder of DSKC(School of Self-Defense). Yes, he is none other than S.K. Yadav.

Recently, Senior Journalist-Author Prof. S.S.DOGRA- interacted with Sunil Yadav who revealed so many important things about his Karate field and his professional journey of martial art: Excerpts:

How you can define Karate?
Its not sports it’s an art.

What is the right age to learn self-defense?
It can be initiated at the age of eight years.

How Self-Defense or martial art can make popular in students?
Self-Defense or martial art can make compulsory in all the MCD school like mid day meal.

What are the basic benefit to learn this art?
It can enhance physical fitness & mental power all together.

What is the future after learning basic & advance course in this art?
The students of this art can find good jobs in all the forces and even MNCs hire good Martial art students with handsome package.

Normally how much time a learner need for this art?
One hour daily training and for black-belt 3-4 hours are required for mastery.

Please tell something about your achievements in the field of self-defense?
I established Karate training Centre twenty five years ago in Dwarka, rest is the history. During this long journey, three globally acclaimed Martial Art Coaches Jim Palmer-(Scotland), Kyio-Kubo-10Dan Red Belt (Okinava-Japan) and Kana-Zawa Master (Japan) visited my center and interacted my students. I was the martial trainer of Nidar programme run by Delhi Police for Delhi Govt. Schools around twenty years ago.Academically I have Master degree in Physical Education besides 5th Dan Black-belt holder. I have already trained hundreds of students of R.D.Rajpal School, MDH International School, Pragati Public School, Basava International School, Indian Heights School, Paramount International School and successfully run coaching camp for more than 13 years in DDA Sports Complex, Sector-11.

Special achievements of your students?
So far, I have produced 106 Black-belt, six-2nd Dan & 37 medalists. After proper training and mastering the art of self-defense our students are able to find good jobs in armed forces of the country and even in MNCs.