Srijan 2013, the Annual Project Exhibition was organized by JM International School, Dwarka-6 with never-ending display of talent, caliber, competence and creativity at its best. The presentation fairly showcased students’ projects on variety of topics with a central theme ‘Time’. The reception of the school welcomed parents with awesome manifestation based on the theme of “Environment” and the ingenious surprises continued from all nooks and corners, be it corridors, classes, Stage activities like; Book Fair, Jodo Gyan Workshop, School Album & photography club display-object, relief, landscape & wildlife photography.

Srijan means Creativity, and under this theme students from classes Nur to X left their parents stunned and awe struck with the working models, charts, projects and above all rendition of folk dances, role plays, one act play, poetry recitation, debate, group discussions on current social issues and other relevant themes. All the classes appropriately chose a theme keeping in mind the flavour of the activity. Students of Pre Primary classes adorned their class rooms and activities on the topics like Green Vegetables, Healthy Habits, Types of Houses, Fruits and Veggies, Animal Kingdom and Comic Cartoons etc, whereas class I onward presented the culture of India through different aspects, Gram Panchyat, Paper Recycling , Environment, Culture of Punjab and Gujarat. Show stealers were Bhangra, Bharatnayam, Dandiya dance and model of famous Jagnath Temple. Class XI & XII students demonstrated their expertise in Java, C++ and power point presentation and impressed all. Parents’ interest and participation in the science activities & games conducted by the students not only boosted the students’ confidence, knowledge, skill and resourcefulness but also helped them to develop the quality of teamwork & encouraged them to continue the spree.
The project Expo was educational yet fun and hence was successful in achieving the objective of learning through continuous &comprehensive learning. Today there is a requirement of holistic assessment of a learner, which also includes co-scholastic segment of life skills, attitude and values, sports and games and co-curricular activities. Srijan 2013 once again justified the JMIS mission to revolutionize Learning by exercising its innovative curriculum-Shikshantaram-Be the difference.