MOST URGENT : Feedback/ Suggestion on DTC Services from Dwarka – Wider Consultation process

Your Chance to have better communication in/ out Dwarka

Shri. Naresh Kumar
New Delhi.

DTC Services from Dwarka to Delhi/NCR.


We on behalf of resident of Dwarka Sub-City thank you for the opportunity for this meeting.
We would like to place on record the following request based on inputs from various residents/Associations of Dwarka are as follows:

A. First and foremost:

1. Any new bus service introduced must be announced in National Daily Newspapers and the local area Newspaper so that people are made aware of the services introduced so that they can utilize it to the maximum.
2. Each and every bus stop must have detailed schedule of bus i.e

– Bus Nos
– Starting Point
– Ending Point
– Route Taken
– Timing
– Expected arrival time of the bus at bus stops
– Fares
– Electronic screens for time table schedules. This will be very useful.

B. Route Maps & Others

1. Route maps and time-tables should be displayed/handouts at every bus stop, Bus screens, conspicuous places in Dwarka including at the starting point of buses, all the metro stations and at main markets.

2. Strict adherence to the provided Time-Tables/route maps/update website route information.

3. Request to provide a dedicated telephone number to handle queries of Dwarka Residents with regard to route & timings of the bus schedule in Dwarka.

4. Provision of additional DTC Bus stops/shelters, presently these are very inadequate in Dwarka most of the sectors have no Bus Shelters.

5. Mixing of normal low floor buses and AC buses for Dwarka Circular Sewa. And all routes must touch main markets of Dwarka/Metro stations/Govt Schools

6. Express Service touches only very few sectors of Dwarka. It should have covered more sectors in Dwarka or at least its boundaries of sectors.

7. Express bus services to start by 8 am to enable employees reaches office by 9– 9:30 am

8. Need more Routes to different locations from Sector 16/17/18/19 22/23 passing through most of the sectors.

9. None of the routes touches South Avenue and Tyagaraj road area.

10. Request to modify the routes (EXP 70) from Eleven Murti to Teen Murti, South Block and then to Shivaji Stadium instead of RML Hospital. As this would serve more govt/ pvt employees as that is better route.

11. RL-79 is running between Dwarka-Sector-23 & New Delhi Railway Station via dabri, nangal which takes at least 2 hours from Dwarka to reach New Delhi. There are many buses running from Nangal, Dabri. Request to change its route via Mahipalpur, Dhaula Kuan, RML Hospital which will save time as well fuel.

12. Regular Bus services for Domestic and International Airport Terminal and Gurgaon covering various sectors of Dwarka

13. Bus Service (Express Bus Service) for

a. Nizammuidn Rly statin/Sarai Kale Khan ISBT
b. Noida/Ghaziabad
c. Okhla/Saket /Faridabad
d. GT Karnal Bye Pass/ISBT connecting Pitampura/Rohini
14. Originate from Dwarka and route must be equally divided towards exit routes of :

a. Dabri/Janakpuri
b. Palam Flyover
c. Dwarka- NH8 Link Road

15. Depot Managers do not have right to modify any of the routes. We have been directed to Dy. Chief General Manager (Traffic) at Scindia House for any change/additional routes. Depot Managers may be allowed to collect feedback and submit to CGM(Traffic).

We are confident that DTC Management will look into these suggestions from Dwarka Sub-City.

In case the DTC management requires any assistance/help from RWA/CGHS/MTA of Dwarka, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanking you,

With kind Regards,

President/  General Secretary

Dwarka Forum

Note:  You are  requested to send your comments/ route suggestion on various DTC service from Dwarka. This include Express Services and Dwarka Circular Sewa.
All suggestions must be incroporated in Excel Sheet with COLOR code. This would help us and easy to manage inflow.
You are also requested to circulate this on your respective Society/ DDA Apartments notice boards and collect suggestion from commuters and especially those who are not using Internet.

Download the excel sheet table and attach the modified route/ info and e-mail it to: before 19th May 2010.
Thanks for cooperation from all.