The Green Cops of Sri VIS – On Surveillance of Vehicular Pollution

Donning the, ‘Green Cop’, outfit, young Sri Venkateshwarites checked the vehicles for the Cardon and Sulphur emissions and Pollution Under Control Certificates of vehicles in Dwarka. The real cops were not spared either and had to show the certification or else were directed to the nearby emission – checking unit. Vehicle owners were rewarded with badges, if they were regular and answered the questions satisfactorily. Green Cops brigade was inducted under the ‘Conserve My Planet’ of Schneider Electric India.

The Green cops, split into teams, spread across the petrol pumps of Sector-12, Dwarka. There they conducted energy audits to keep a check on emission levels of vehicles passing by.

The students checked for emission certificate and advised the drivers on its importance. They also directed them to the nearest emission test centre, in case the vehicle didn’t have one. They also awarded them with red and green badges accordingly.

The program has been conceptualized keeping kid-power in mind, to address the crucial energy crisis and alarming pollution levels. With the help of students, the school tried to highlight vehicular pollution and ways to counter it. The aim was to make students realize that they can make a difference to a global cause.

Imagine the impact on homes and society! If every vehicle owner keeps a check on the emission levels of the green house gases, the air quality will improve in one of the most polluted cities of the world.

Every person thus has a role to play in saving the Earth. This was what Sri VIS students tried to tell their elders. They got a very encouraging response from public and were appreciated for the gesture.

These kids are also being sensitised by the school Principal Mrs Nita Arora and the Eco Club Incharge Ms Bhawna Sharma towards ‘Swachch Bharat’ campaign. They have decided to adopt a 2 Km stretch of road near the school and regularly help in making it cleaner by engaging in physical labour and sensitising the public. It is one of the many School Social Responsibility Projects being undertaken under the guidance of Chairman Mr Sailander Solanki and the Directors SSR Mr Rishabh and Mr Ankur. We congratulate the school fraternity for its green campaign.