The Metaphysics of Thought Waves


Thought is a vital dynamic power existing in the universe. Thought passes from one man to another. It influences people. A man of powerful thought can influence people of weak thought.

Wave nature of the thoughts

Thought-vibrations, like vibrations of light or sound in the physical world, radiate out in all directions. They become less power full as they move further away from their source. This radiating vibration conveys the character of thoughts and easily adaptable.

We can know about a physical body through the thoughts only. Speech and action follow the thoughts. Strong speech can change the thinking of a man. For example, the notorious dacoit Valmiki was changed to a noble and great poet through the strong speech given by the sage Narad.

Thoughts obey the scientific laws. To understand it we need only to extend scientific laws to certain extent sticking to logical thinking.

Now we can think of the invisible atoms and particles that are parts of our physical world. For the existence of such particles we have to rely upon the theories and apparatus used in the experiment. In fact we can only observe its effect on some photographic plates.

Weight, size and shape of the thought waves

Let us take two qualities on this planet. The masses of an Electron and the Earth are of the order of 10power [-30] Kg and 10power [24] Kg respectively. So we are sure that nothing exists on the earth which has mass greater than 10power [24] Kg, but we can’t deny the existence of things having masses less than 10power [-30] Kg.

We are able to measure such small things having masses only due to the new development in science and technology.

Now a day’s technologies are changing at such a pace that in a decade we may be able to measure masses of the order of 10power[-50]Kg.

We can imagine thoughts having mass less than the mass of an electron. We also know that smaller things can easily pass through the physical objects. So thoughts can penetrate any material.

Frequencies and wavelengths of the thought waves

Thoughts are the vibrations produced by the mind. They must be characterised by certain frequency and hence wavelength, in the electromagnetic spectrum at the one end, cosmic rays have wavelength in order of 10 power[-20]Cm, while at the other end Radio waves have wave length in order of 10 power[4]Cm.

The corresponding frequency for radio waves is in order of 10power [21] Hz. In the light of this information we have to assign a place to the thought waves in the spectrum.

Also we know that energy of a wave is given by E=hv, where h is a constant and v is the frequency of the wave. So higher the frequency, higher will be the energy of the wave.

As thought waves posses very high energy hence lower wavelength. So the thought waves can be assigned a wave length much less than 10power [-12] Cm and frequency much greater than 10power [21] Hz.

Though waves excels Light Waves in speed

Our senses have limitations. But we are gifted with thought waves that can cross any limit.
For any light wave there is one particular source and light has the limitation of a fixed frequency and wavelength according to the source. This is not so with thought.

The source of the waves is mind which can be made to vary at will. So from one mind we can have thoughts waves having different frequencies and wavelengths that can traverse through whole of the electromagnetic spectrum.