This Mothers Day, Tweet for a Cause!

Prembabu sharma

This Sunday, Zee TV is giving all mumma’s children a chance to add more meaning to this Mother’s Day. And all you have to do to make this special day even more worthwhile is tweet to your heart’s content.

On the occasion of Mother’s Day this year, Zee TV has devised an unique way to help you voice your love and appreciation for your mother or the mother figures in your life. On Sunday, 12th May, Twitter will be all about mothers and your way to chip in isto use #SuperMom to talk to @ZeeTV and tell us why your mom is a super mom. With every tweet or retweet, that mentions#SuperMom, the channel will donate money to underprivileged children at the SMILE foundation. Why underprivileged children? Because for a mother there’s nothing more precious in this world than her children.

“Mothers are the centre of every person’s universe so it is a wonderful day to celebrate the woman who has made you everything you are today!” says Farah Khan, mentor on DID Super Moms. “And to mothers, it is their children who give them the joy of motherhood, hence, this is a noble cause that Zee TV has initiated. The thought of celebrating mothers by giving something to children who do not have them is really touching and I urge everyone to participate in it so that these kids will have another reason to smile for the year to come!”

So this Mothers Day, don’t just tweet for fun but tweet for a cause. Participate in this tweet-athon and tell your mum how much you love and care for her!