Tibet’s exiled Spiritual leader and Nobel Laureate His Holiness the Dalai Lama called for the need to develop compassion and warm-heartedness to survive in the increasingly inter-dependent world. Since women are more inclined to be compassionate, their role is more important in creating the more peaceful society that the world aspires to achieve.

“The world today needs leaders with compassion as compassion towards others builds trust and loyalty. Women, biologically are more sensitive towards others that means the world needs more women leaders. we must take steps wherever necessary to improve educational opportunities with emphasis on secularism and Hygiene for all especially women so every one lives a healthy life.,” Said His Holiness The Dalai Lama said while addressing the interactive session organised by the FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) here in New Delhi today..

“ World is moving towards peace and non violence as countries including Japan and European Union are working towards peace and nuclear disarmament as using force has become outdated world wide. I hope newly elected US president Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin will come closer and work towards creating global peace .” said His holiness The Dalai Lama .

“ We should all develop inner value of compassion as all religions in common teach us cultivating love and compassion, Although they advocate different philosophical views, their purpose is ultimately to support the practice of love and compassion. A third aspect is cultural and is often influenced by social customs. Where these are out of date, as gender bias and caste discrimination are today when everyone is considered equal, they should change. We need to focus on the oneness and equality of all human beings, recognising that thinking in terms of ‘us’ and ‘them’ leads to conflict.” He added. “peace was not something external to us, adding it was something within our hearts; that destructive emotions like anger disturb our peace of mind and distract our ability to judge right from wrong. Love and compassion—the essence of all major religious traditions—are fundamental to human happiness. What we need is an education in warm-heartedness. .To make world more peaceful place, the peace in the world will only come about through inner peace, just as global disarmament will only be achieved by beginning with inner disarmament”. His Holiness The Dalai Lama said.

“Apart from addressing chairwomen, CEO’s business partners of various organisations , the interactive session with His holiness The Dalai Lama has helped our members to grasp the essence of Ethics and Values in Business. His golden words will help us to make the Business or the Profession we are in, a more enjoyable, long lasting and sustainable one”, said Ms Vinita Bimbhet, President FICCI ladies organisation speaking on the occasion.

Among those who were present on the occasion included Ms Vinita Bimbhet , President FLO, Ms Abha Dalmia, Past President, FLO, Ms Padma Rajgopal , Chairperson, FLO, Hyderabad chapter and Ms Pratibha Advani, business women and daughter of BJP Patriarch L.K.Advani and Ms Vasvi Bharat ram, President elect, FLO.