Unplanned digging of roads for power cables

I am resident of Shruti Appts, Plot 22, sector 7 Dwarka wherein BSES is laying underground power cables. The work has been on for couple of days now. Our grievance with your process of this work is:

* Digging of approach path to enter societies in the middle of night without any intimation on night of 16th june leading to no path ways for lot of societies as even the back gates path has been damaged by DDA laying of roadside tiles.

* This haphazard digging lead to cars/ vehicles getting trapped in the dug up soil. With onset of rain since two days it has become worse. My own car was trapped in the mud/ cavity created by unplanned digging. One of neighbours at Sh radha krishna appts was to leave for early morning flight when his car got trapped. One can imagine the trauma and stress he went through. Along with him so many of us has faced similar situation since yesterday.
* There is no safety warnings or sign boards for elderly/ kids around the site. There is been enough incidents in the country where precious life have been lost due to negligence and still your Co is not implementing safety precautions.
* There have been rulings by honourable courts where in heavy penalty has been put on the part of contractor/ Cos getting the work done. Is BSES, which is a Reliance owned Co ” known for International Standards” not bothered about there own LOCAL INDIAN customers and there safety? And to honour Court rulings?
* In my knowledge this kind of work – laying of cables should be done in non monsoon season – then why is this work being done on the onset of monsoon? Why didn’t you plan it ahead so that so much stress and inconvenience to general public could have been avoided?
* DDA zonal engineer has also written to your office for the addressal of same. With such repute of your Co and revenue why do we or DDA has to monitor your activities like a head boy of the school? Would you have done this kind of shabby work if this was not India but a western country with much strict execution of law ?
You are immediately directed to restore all the dug up roads to the best of road conditions or else we the Residents will have no choice but to address this to highest authorities and use social media/ newspapers for the addressal of same.
I am writing this on behalf of following sector-7, societies –
Shiv bhole ,  Meghdoot appts, Dwarka appts, Sh Radha krishna appts,  Shruti appts, Sh Ganesh appts,  Happy home appts, Mt Everest Appts – sector 9 and adjoining societies

Copy of this letter is being sent to –
* Chief Engineer – DDA – Dwarka
* CM office
* LG office
* Consumer addressal commission of India
* Road safety comission – India
* Office of Mr Anil Dhiru Bhai Ambani

Citizen’s Reporter: Anurag Bahl

Email: anuragbehl@yahoo.co.in