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• Expert services in study of human behavior and social relations
• Synchronization, impaired concentration & learning work, systematic study
• Paper attempting techniques, marks orientation & other educational problems

There is no doubt about the fact that true education is never achieved by an accident. It comes as a result of sustained dedication & sincere efforts, high dreams, wise counselling & planned execution with positive optimistic approaches. On scrutiny of the results of CBSE and other boards of so many states, it is concluded that besides the best efforts of schools, matured tutors and parents, candidates scored less marks with respects to their expectations. Symptoms & Causes concluded that students were not conversant with:

 1. Synchronization
2. Time Management
3. Paper attempting techniques
4. Systematic & Sequential Preparations for Exams
5. Expecting quick results within short time span
6. Ambiguous target
7. Misconceptional attitudes
8. Prejudiced notions

9. Multi directional efforts
10. Lack of competitive spirits
11. Adoption of shortcut methods
12. Examination Phobia.

With the introduction of new C.C.E plus and MCQ techniques as new policy by HRD ministry the impacts are not known so far, it becomes very very important to impart adequate knowledge and practice to the newly introduced policy of education to get its objectives.

Since marks orientations required a tactful approach to score fixed target. But the students generally adopt a multi directional approaches which cause among students Dementia – forgetfulness, Fatigue- mental exhaustion, lack of confidence, weak memory and poor grasping ability, slow learning and low intellect, behavior disorder, irritability, anxiety, aggressiveness & stress. So it becomes mandatory to give stress on the fundamental & relevant knowledge of the concept & application of proper time management from the beginning of the session. Keeping the aptness of time & welfare of the students in view I wish to acumen & share my knowledge and experiences through counselling session regarding the above sighted problems faced by all concerned.

This session is very effective for ICSE, CBSE & All states Education Board Examination. In a nutshell  a mark orientation schedule comprising of time management synchronization, impaired concentration, edifying the dearth of previous classes, target achievement (how to set & get the target) impressive writing techniques & grading system.
Session For Teachers:

• How To Think Big
• Mental Engineering
• How To Turn Defeat Into Victory
• Introduction of new psycho approaches, surprise test techniques and anti examination phobia.
• Systematic and sequential approach for self-improvement.

Expected Benefits/ Outcomes For Teacher From This Counseling Session:
• Communication skills- Receiving information, disseminating information and articulation skills.
• Human relations skill- Public relations liaison with public.
• Interpersonal skill- To manage the schools as Figurehead ,Liaison officer and leader.
• Conceptual skill- Functioning of school and management on the whole.
• Technical skill- Subject matter and modern methods of teaching.
• Problem solving skill- To diagnose and solve the problems of students, teachers and parents.

Expected Benefits For Institutions:

• Value based/oriented education.
• Vision to action ,modern methods and trends in education.
• Positive behavior management in classrooms.
• Personality development of the students.
• The art of public speaking.
• The art of interview and being interviewed.
• Time management, stress management and examination phobia.
• Managerial techniques and motivation skills.
• Target orientation, mind set, goal set and synchronization.
• Creating vibrant/quality environment in school.
 • Students bunking classes and using foul language.
• Conflict resolution among students.
• English conversation among students and teacher
• Discipline in school.
• Unlocking the child’s potential.
• Role of motivation and positive attitude in life.
• How to mould brilliant minds of tomorrow.
• Confidence to banish nervousness in front of strangers.
• Self improvement techniques- Personality grooming techniques.
• To develop a work culture in stimulating environment.
• Note book re-checking project.

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