Science Week held at NKBPS

N.K.Bagrodia Public School organised Science week from 22nd Jan to 31st Jan 2015 to sensitize the students towards significance of science in day to- days life through observations and experiments.

The week buzzed with a plethora of activities from classes VI to X. The week commenced with Intra Class Poster Making /Collage making for Class VI on the topic “Keep the Future Bright Turn off the Lights”. The students participated wholeheartedly taking an appreciable interest . Their creativity in the form of thought provoking posters mesmerised everyone .Intra Class Demo Experiments for Class VII was conducted on 27th Jan 2015. The children of class VII showcased various simple experiments based on the principles of science. The experiments , Bernoulli’s Principle, Centripetal force, Centrifugal force , Emulsion formation , The Burning Currency, Crazy Ball making, Laser Microscope, Print culture, Harnessing solar energy, Rolling can etc… were a few attractions. Intra Class Power Point presentations on “Know your Scientists” for class VIII was conducted on 28th Jan. The students put in their immense efforts in the presentations. Through the Power Point Presentations they learnt different methods to conserve energy and about various alternate sources of energy. The students were deeply touched by the alarming information and took a vow to conserve energy. Intra Class Extempore on “Keep the Future Bright turn off the Lights” and “Alternative Sources of Energy” was conducted on 29th Jan for class IX. The participants shared information and their views about different alternative ways to conserve energy. Inter House Science Quiz for class IX and X was conducted in the school auditorium. Four teams from the four houses, each consisting of two students competed with each other . It was a phenomenal event witnessed and highly complemented by respected Principal Dr. (Mrs.) Rajee N. Kumar along with Mrs. Aruni (Senior wing incharge) , Mrs Syeda Safia (Middle wing incharge), the whole science faculty of the school and the students of class X. The participants showcased incredible talent and a great team work . The team from Valmiki House was the proud winner followed by Vivekananda House securing the II position.

The week culminated with a laudable note for providing a firsthand experience to the students and enriching their scientific acumen.